Visiting My Childhood House

It was my village Murran and my childhood house. It used to be 4 story house similar to one in the back of this shopping strip. Shopping strip used to be my parents 4 story house with 3 shops in front, one Aangan (in English it is called courtyard), Gan (in English it is called Stable) for cows and sheeps, and big Vaar (in English it is called kitchen garden). All our daily vegetables used to grow in Vaar. There was big DoonnKul (in English it is called walnut tree). There was also huge DoubleGlassKul (in English it is called Rainer Cherry tree). It was shocking to see that all was gone and replaced with shopping mall.

We used to have Boni Bag (in English it is called Oriental plane tree playground, in Hindi it is called Chinar Khel ka Madan), where we will play games like cricket, Lathkij Lott (in English it is called Tipcat, in Hindi it is called Gilli Danda). Next to Boni Bag were two Naags (in English it is called Spring), one spring used to be main source of drinking water for 80% of population of Murran. Boni bag and springs were replaced by shops and a mask.

It was sad to see all my memories were gone, then I thought it could have happened anywhere in 43 years. Remember moving to Sugar Land in 1986, there was nothing in Sugar Land, we had to drive more than 10 miles to visit Mcdonald or any restaurant. Now we have everything in Sugar Land. Since I was part of that growth and loved it. Try to be part of the growth and enjoy every moment of life, make best of the situations, thankful to God we are still live as time flies.

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11 thoughts on “Visiting My Childhood House”

  1. Usha – It seemed I was walking through Murran myself, with you. Thanks for sharing your revisit to childhood home in Srinagar. Understand the pain that itโ€™s all lost and gone. You have a remarkable positive attitude, forgiving and moving forward. Letโ€™s hope more people are inspired by you to visit Kashmir, and walk back in loving memory lanes. Maybe some brave hearts will resettle back in their old homes. ๐Ÿ’•

  2. Good to know that you went back to your childhood place. While reading, I could visualize your place. It hurts to realize that our childhood place is in our memory only and cannot experience the place in person anymore. Your story brought back the memories of my living in Kashmir. Beautiful summers and even beautiful winters! Thanks for sharing your visit. ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Usha, beautifully written ! Your narration is realistic and vivid! Loved reading it!
    Moments pass, memories stay!
    It took me back in time to my childhood.Memories of most of the places you have described came rushing back!
    Glad you got to go and spend time in the land of your childhood, adulthood and your forefathers!

    1. Hi Sharmila, Thank you. We all have the childhood memories. It was worth going there and checking out. We all should go to our childhood place if we get a chance, it is worth it.

  4. Wonderful stroll down the memory path, Usha ji, even though it is sad to see the favorite childhood places gone. Loved your perspective comparing your childhood place with Sugar Land.

  5. That was a wonerful peice on the home town. I liked the portion where you instead of crying over the loss, reasoned it well when you say that this could have happened any where – how true.
    My last visit to the valley was in 2010 (afer 1989) and while those 10 dys felt good, as I drove back, I didnt kinda miss anything.
    Did you find time to go to REC – when I saw it last the old campus seemed to have vanished and the new campus was nothing like what we left in 1978.
    Great share – Usha, thanks for posting.

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